St. George’s Gardens

a beautiful sadness…

St. George's Garden single bench

St. George’s Garden single bench

Timmy writes:


Heathcote Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 8HZ

Bloomsbury Square

Getting There


Poor standard of lawn. Patchy grass, hard earth. A pity really because the layout of the garden is very pretty. Nice lines and good landscaping help create a cosy and peaceful feeling. The plants were very attractive too. Some tall grass mixed with delicate flowers enhanced the delicate colours. An amazing ‘Siamese’ tree (see below) in the middle as well.

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery”)

The first most obvious ‘feature’ is that The park is actually a Cemetery/park hybrid. This makes the park one of the more original ones of its type and size. Large graves are dotted around (rather than bunched up next to each other in a normal cemetery). One can even sit on them and have a sandwich if one chooses (I did).

Other than that there isn’t much else but it really doesn’t need it. (Oh there was mention of a museum on the map but we didn’t find it).


This park scores very highly in atmosphere. It oozes an almost zen-like feeling of tranquillity. The graves give the feeling that Byron or Shelly are sat round the next tree scribbling away one of their masterpiece poems. Also the buildings that surrounded the park were mostly old and low, add to that being far from any traffic, and you get a wonderful feeling of peace.

It really is a hidden gem in central London!

St. George's Garden, Siamese Tree

St. George’s Garden, Siamese Tree

Filkete writes:


Quality of the grass wasn’t very impressive, but the shape of the park was so beautifully laid out that we didn’t even pay attention to it. Some young pretty trees caught my eyes, where there were some very old trees standing right next to them. It might seem like an exaggeration but these old trees made me feel so young and very small at the same time. There were also some other colourful cute plants worth being seen.

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery”)

As soon as we walked in the garden I noticed a statue which I found quite impressive for such a small park, then some grave stones and some small individual benches which I loved (see first image).


It’s hard to describe the atmosphere; there was something in the air that made me feel sad but it was very calming. It was like a small journey to the soul, very lonely and quiet in the most beautiful way.

St. George's Garden dedicated tree

St. George’s Garden dedicated tree

St. George's Garden graves

St. George’s Garden graves


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