Queen’s Park


Average is the key word here. The lawn is not too patchy but not too lush either. There’s an average smattering of trees and a little bit of gardening but nothing that draws your eye. It’s an open space but quite small in London terms.

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery”)

Some fairly decent extras but not too many. The best being a really good pitch-and-putt course that only costs a few pounds. A nice little café and kids play area round off the extras-Like I said, average.


The atmosphere is unremarkable which is a little surprising given how gentrified the area is. It is one of my local parks so maybe I’m just wanting more. Apart from the pitch-and-putt I don’t usually come here but I’m sure it serves the locals well enough.

Tips, Tricks & Traps

I found out recently that there are outdoor film screenings in the summer here which would definitely be something worth checking out.

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