Battersea Park

Battersea Park Greenery and Path

Battersea Park Greenery and Path

Filkete writes:

Near Victoria Station

This park is amazing, absolutely amazing. But it is not a typical park that we are used to seeing quite often. They are some areas that you don’t even notice the greenery. it’s so beautiful; you feel overwhelmed by the whole view, and nothing else matters. But I did manage to look around for you guys. There are some big open fields and a good quality of grass.

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery..”)
Battersea Park is full of surprises. Right after you think that you saw everything, you come to a hidden pond surrounded by many beautiful colourful trees, and these hidden ponds are so quiet and peaceful, it feels like if you talk to them they will be more than happy to listen to you patiently. They make you feel special and connected with them.

Battersea Park Soldiers Statue

Battersea Park Soldier Statues Saluting the Trees

Hidden ponds are not the only thing you will be surprised by. We saw some soldier statues against some beautiful trees, which make you think they are saluting the trees. When we were walking towards the entrance, we discovered a pagoda waiting right in front of us.

Battersea Park Pagoda

Battersea Park Pagoda

I am still wondering why it is there, but whatever the reason is, it looks amazing. It gives a such beautiful spiritual feeling to the park. And the other thing that I cannot skip is the fact that Battersea Park is right next to the river. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many parks that have such an amazing view of a river. I would recommend you stay until the sun goes down. The view is unbelievably good, all the lights are flirting with the water and reflections of them on the river is mind blowingly pretty and romantic.

This park has a brilliant feeling about it. It’s very calm and mature. There are many big old trees that make you feel so small and humble when you look at them, and then back at yourself. This park has got something to say for itself; what I mean is it has a character and something to give feeling wise.

Tips, Tricks & Traps: The most important thing to remember is to be patient and adventurous, just keep walking to the end; you never know what is waiting for you. If you just want to spend half an hour, maybe it’s not the best park to visit. It has a lot to discover and experience, too much for that amount of time. It is ideal for a long walk or an early morning run. There is a nice looking café ( at least from a distance) and kids’ playground, football field, basketball court and a rugby pitch.

Battersea Park Variety of Trees around the Pond

Battersea Park Variety of Trees around the Pond

Tim writes:
Excellent variety of plants and trees. In fact this park is one of the best examples of landscape gardening in public places. Everywhere I looked I saw a myriad of tree types curling round benches, sweeping over hills and hugging ponds. At times I would notice a fresh palm tree that’s just been planted and be reminded of the constant reshaping that must be going on.

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery”)
An epic amount of things to do and see for a medium sized park. Every sport is catered for even with well-lit courts and 5 aside pitches, a running track (known as the ‘Millennium Stadium’) and decent size rugby pitch. Plenty of little ponds with more types of ducks than a David Attenborough show. For kids there’s a junior playground and nearby a much larger adventure playground that got my inner-child anxious to run over to.
As we walked around and thought we’d seen everything we were hit with even more surprises. First a large open area that had very pretty fountains and Roman style pools. Then on the other side of the bank a huge Chinese Temple sitting-pretty overlooking the Thames. An abundance of extras for the easily distracted.

A park rich in a magical atmosphere. Maybe partly due to the time of year (Autumn with different colours & early sunsets).

Battersea Park Wonderland

Battersea Park, Transported to a Wonderland

At the centre of the park are a lot of paths to walk around and explore- and explore it you must! The more you see, the more you feel like you are being transported to an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ world. Add to that that this park sits right on the river at the very attractive side of south-west London and you have the perfect place to lose yourself if you’re ever in Battersea..

Tips, Tricks & Traps
The best tip I can give is make sure you go to every corner of this park-especially because it really isn’t that big. There will be many hidden gems to find. The only minor flaw I would say there seems to be an absence of any art. No sculptures or anything-but the park itself is surely a work of art.

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