Kilburn Grange Park

Kilburn Grange Park

Kilburn Grange Park in winter

Timmy writes:

A small park. Flat open grass. Some trees, some plants. The lawn is good if it’s dry (after rain the central area becomes a boggy mess).

Kilburn Grange Park: Where dogs congregate

Kilburn Grange Park: Dogs and People Meet

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery”)
Plenty of extras. A children’s playground and an all new adventure playground that even tempts me when I walk by it. A special council-built outdoor Gym with all sorts of weight-lifting/bench-pressing equipment. Tennis and basketball courts. You’d think I was describing Regent’s Park and not a 85 metre wide patch of green.
Oh and its also an off-lead dog heaven (for some reason there are more dogs here than any other park I’ve visited).
Because it has so much to offer it gets a plus for usefulness and convenience. It isn’t the prettiest park but it feels like its trying to be in its own way. It is my local so I have a soft spot for the ol’ Grange. It’s definitely the small park with a big heart!
Tips, Tricks & Traps
Weekends (if sunny) can get crowded quickly (because of its size) until early evening.
In the new adventure playground area they sometimes hang a large hammock-like swing that’s fun.
The gym actually works and hasn’t seemed to rust or fall apart yet.
The gardener is a bit moody but does a nice job on the upkeep.
Avoid the bench directly opposite the tennis court-it gets covered in bird shit all year round.

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3 Responses to Kilburn Grange Park

  1. Ali says:

    Nice dogs in this park, and really friendly people – recommend enjoying it with old friends.

    • Annie Yates says:

      This is a lovely little park ideal for taking dogs for an early morning & evening walk. If you do use it for that purpose please make sure to clean up after them, (there are bins provided) it is so unfair on other people and the park keepers who do a fantastic job keeping it looking so lovely all year round. Keiron is especially friendly and loves all the well behaved dogs often having treat at the ready.
      The added bonus of the free outdoor gym is a great idea. It is a real shame that the adventure play scheme closed especially after so much time and money went on building it, typical of Camden Council money down the drain.
      One thing that the park is lacking is toilets, there are so many people with young children that need this facility.
      All in all a great park for me as it sits at the bottom of my road so really close by.

  2. rod woolsey says:

    In late 1950’s I was a pupil at Kilburn Poly this very nice park was a favourite bolt hole when we bunked off school.

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