Clapham Common

Clapham Common

Clapham Common

Timmy writes:


The park is essentially a large triangle of green. There are a fair amount of trees and plenty of open space. The ground is a bit hard but there is a pretty good lawn (but not the cosiest). No other plants (unless you count daisies).

Clapham Common basketball

Clapham Common: there is some basketball

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery”)

Nothing else to this park other than a festival now and then. No amenities or cafes but it’s a stones throw from the high street (at the narrow end)

Clapham Common Grass

Clapham Common's pretty good lawn


Although it’s sparse, somewhat typical in size and landscaping and offers little else, I sort of like it. The way it widens out as you walk through it and the diverse mix of people. Worth a visit on the hipster trail of London.

Tips, Tricks & Traps

Summer is best in the common if you want music events or whiffs of hedonism. Bring a Frisbee or you might get bored.

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