Hampstead Heath


Epic. This park has it all. In terms of vegetation this is one of the best parks in the world. Sure it’s not Yosemite National Park but it’s in the middle of a big city. The overall style here is wild. Hampstead Heath is manly kept as an almost rural country piece of land. It’s also very hilly. Most of it is covered in tall grasses. The trees are densely pack that at times its almost like a woodland. There are open areas but are usually on a slope. The Heath is created to be almost untamed.

Add-Ons (“Beyond The Greenery”)

A few ponds including the famous ‘Ladies Pond’ where ladies only go to swim or even skinny dip. A big fair in every summer and outdoor concerts. Because of it’s rural-ness there aren’t too many modern conveniences but then given its slopes and hills it would be pretty hard to put a football pitch in the Heath. There are enclosed kids areas tucked away too but compared with other major parks it is a no-frill park.


Hampstead Heath moonrise

Hampstead Heath moonrise

An amazing atmosphere that hits you as soon as you enter. It’s almost like entering a scene from Lord Of The Rings. You can go deep into the Heath and feel like you’re not in London anymore. If you like or have a dog then its paradise for them and you’ll see many on any day. The other great thing is it never feels crowded and that’s probably because of the hiking one has to do to get a good spot.

Tips, Tricks & Traps

Explore by day, explore by night.

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