London is the city with the most parks in the world. Typically, people know very little about them except for the major ones like Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath. Wouldn’t it be great if we could easily find out about the rest too, everything from your local park to the more unusual or hidden green space?

The Parks of London website aims to be a fun and easy way to discover and learn about all the public parks in the city. The goal is to encourage residents and visitors to enjoy London’s great outdoors and help people take advantage of the parks and everything they have to offer.

The site is currently the work of a few interested individuals and we are seeking funding to rapidly expand this online resource to cover more parks in more detail to make it more useful to more people. To express interest in helping Parks of London or provide feedback, please to fill out the contact form here. To read more about the founding of the website, check out the History page.

Woodfield Park

Woodfield Park

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